Sustainable Buying Tips

Our Commitment

Purchasing upholds MSU’s commitment to sustainability by encouraging the procurement of environmentally preferred goods and services, which are a consideration when negotiating Strategic Contracts. Because these contracts provide the best value to the university, please visit Spartan Marketplace prior to using other buying methods.

Finding Sustainable Products

• University Stores: Search by phrase. For example, “pens recycled content”

• If the item is unavailable through University Stores (or Spartan Marketplace), try these:

Computers, Appliances and Electronics
Energy Star

Laboratory Space
International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories

Cleaning and Paper Goods
Green Seal 

Reduce and Reuse

• Avoid waste—buying in bulk is only good if you use what you purchase.

• Warranties: Look for items with warranties—and make sure to save all the paperwork.

• Repair: Before discarding broken items or slow computers, try repairing or upgrading them.

MSU Surplus Store: Located on campus, the Surplus Store has thousands of used items.


• Select the shipping method that can get your product to you with the smallest environmental footprint.
   Buying locally, when possible.

• Choose Strategic Contract SmartWay Transport partners (Con-way Freight, Con-way Multi-Modal, Con-wayTruckload, FedEx Ground and Express, DHL, and UPS.

• Consolidate your purchases to reduce packaging material.