About this contract

Michigan State University and VWR International established a strategic supplier relationship for laboratory supplies, small laboratory equipment and chemicals. This relationship is based on Michigan State University's membership in the Committee on Institutional Cooperation Purchasing Consortium (CICPC).

How to use this contract

VWR is one of several suppliers within Spartan Marketplace, MSU's e-procurement solution. Orders can be placed using an MSU account number.

Purchases against this contract can also be made using a Pcard for orders under $2,500. Larger dollar orders may by placed through the purchase order process in the Finance System.


MSU NetID and password are required.

Commodities:Scientific Equipment and Supplies

Contact Information

Customer Service
Nina Cole
P: (858) 210-1543
F: (610) 728-2517
University Customer Care Line
(866) 890-8229

Michigan State University
Customer Service
Spartan Marketplace Help Desk
(517) 884-6177

Contract Administrator
Melinda Phillips
(517) 884-6168