OtterBase has a Master Services Agreement to provide IT staff augmentation to the University. Temporary staffing may be arranged to cover short-term needs and on a "contract to hire" basis when traditional attempts to fill a vacancy are unsuccessful.

How to use this agreement

Contact the staffing company and provide the following information:

  • Detailed job description (including project scope, specific roles/responsibilities, required candidate skills)
  • An anticipated duration of assignment and desired start date
  • Indication of whether or not you may be interested in hiring a candidate for the position
  • Potential interview times and your desired interview process

OtterBase will submit qualified candidates for your review. After your department has completed resume reviews, conducted interviews, and promptly identified a viable candidate, you must:

  1. Confirm available budget for the engagement
  2. Notify OtterBase of your desire to contract for the services
  3. Obtain from OtterBase a short Statement of Work detailing the engagement and confirming the all-inclusive hourly billing rate
  4. Initiate a KFS requisition for the engagement

Purchasing will confirm the hourly rate is in accordance with the agreement and issue a purchase order.

Additional Considerations

  • If a decision is made to hire a candidate, MSU standard hiring procedures must be followed. You may encourage the contractor to apply for the posting. If your department hires the contractor before the candidate has been working at MSU for six months, a conversion fee may apply.
  • In the current technical market availability of candidates can change very quickly. Make your selections promptly.
  • If there is no interest in a candidate, it is appreciated if you share the reason(s) for the lack of interest. This will help OtterBase to refine their recruiting efforts.
  • If you are using a contractor for more than eighteen months, it may be a better value to hire for a term position. 


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Contact Information

Brian Wardell
Business Development Manager
O: (517) 827-1319
C: (517) 574-8356
F: (517) 827-1320

Michigan State University
Contract Administrator
Janice Croswhite
P: (517) 432-7255