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About this contract

Michigan State University has established a strategic contract relationship with Steelcase Inc. for products from Steelcase and Steelcase Design Partnership Companies: Coalesse (Brayton, Betro, Vecta), Designtex, Details, Polyvision, Nurture by Steelcase through dealership NBS. Dealership services include product options, estimating, space planning, project oversight, and installation services.

How to use this contract

Items under $2,500 may be purchased using a Pcard. For larger dollar purchases, initiate a Purchase Order by submitting a requisition in the Finance System.

Commodities:Furniture, Furnishings, Flooring

Contact Information

Customer Service
Lance Rice
P: (517) 886-0072
C: (517) 719-7020
F: (517) 886-0014

Michigan State University
Customer Service
Lauren Jared
(517) 884-6173