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Use FedEx Ship Manager to eliminate shipping errors, print FedEx shipping labels from your PC, and track shipments as soon as they are picked up by FedEx. Once registered, you can
  • create shipping labels for FedEx Express®, FedEx Ground®, FedEx Home Delivery® shipments
  • schedule FedEx® Address Checker to confirm addresses in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico, and determine if an address is commercial or residential
  • notify yourself, your recipient and others when: shipment information has been sent to FedEx, the shipment has been picked up, a critical shipping event has affected the shipment, the shipment has been delivered
  • generate FedEx Express and FedEx Ground return labels and tags for your return-shipping needs
  • use Preferences to set defaults for the options and information you use most when shipping
  • store up to 300 Shipment Profiles for repeat shipments to the same address
  • create labels for multiple-piece shipments, up to 25 pieces, in one shipping transaction and track with only one tracking number
  • get courtesy rate quotes – both account-specific and standard list rates – for FedEx Express and FedEx Ground shipments
When ready to ship, packages can be
  1. sent to Logistics for processing,
  2. handed to a FedEx courier,
  3. scheduled for pick-up online with Ship Manager,
  4. placed in a FedEx drop box located at all US Post Offices, or
  5. taken to any other authorized pick-up location.
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Billing Online
FedEx Billing Online Plus is the FedEx system used for payment. To use Billing Online you will have to register your FedEx account to pay with the MSU Pcard. All transaction detail is maintained at the user level. Click here to read more. Watch the demo on Billing Online or see the help guides:

Information Online

FedEx Service Guide Select the "Ship" tab to

  • order shipping supplies (for Express shipments only) – choose “Order Shipping Supplies”
  • schedule a pickup (Express or Ground) – choose “Schedule a Pickup”; no pickup charges for MSU account numbers
  • get rates and transit times – Quick Quote, Detailed Quote, Transit Time Only
  • find FedEx locations – choose “Find Locations”

Select the "Track" tab to

  • track packages by tracking number or reference
  • have visibility of shipments without tracking numbers (outbound, inbound and third party) - choose “Access FedEx InSight” - a demo is available
  • obtain proof of delivery – choose "Obtain Proof of Delivery"

Select the "Manage" tab to file claims online. A demo is available.

Information by Phone
FedEx Technical Support 877-339-2774 – technical assistance, troubleshooting, walk through website.
Domestic Customer Service 800-Go-FedEx (800-463-3339) – order supplies, schedule a pickup, tracking, rate quotes, transit time quotes, etc.
International Customer Service 800-247-4747 – tracking, rate quotes, transit time quotes, etc. 


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FedEx Ship Manager

FedEx Technical Support
(877) 339-2774

Domestic Customer Service
(800) Go-FedEx

International Customer Service
(800) 247-4747

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Rate Questions
Shipping Office
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