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In the words of Ciesa Design:

Why CiesaDesign?

We’re the designers and developers you can trust. For over 35 years, we've worked closely with MSU, businesses, and nonprofits to design unique brand solutions, dynamic advertising campaigns, and solid, user-friendly websites.

CiesaDesign has been chosen to help elevate the quality of MSU websites and advance the university’s image through digital media.

We’ve been vetted by MSU Purchasing, Communications and Brand Strategy (CABS), IT Accessibility, and IT Strategy & Innovation to provide the highest level of expertise in web design and development.  

How does it work?

It’s simple. First of all, MSU Purchasing has streamlined the purchasing process, meaning there’s no need for a bid. We are a certified vendor ready to get started on your updated website.

Next, we start with an MSU specific customizable platform using both Drupal and WordPress development and hosting. This platform is also compliant with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0 AA), best practices, and follows all of CABS branding standards. The platform includes a homepage, about, news, events, people, and contact pages. This comprehensive package saves time by taking care of the basics so we can immediately start customizing your website and adding the functionality you require.

How do we do it?

We Listen
By sitting down with you and gaining an understanding of your needs from the ground up.  We’ll also review your current website for strengths and weaknesses and provide realistic recommendations.  

We Advise
By assessing the entire scope of your project and, based on our years of experience, providing you with a work-ready plan for the information architecture and wireframe buildout unique to your website.   

We Create
By designing dynamic visuals that are attention-getting, functional and on brand. Our creative expertise means we deliver only beautiful visuals that fit perfectly into the wireframe, every time and on-time.    

We Execute
By efficiently pulling together the previous steps to create a fully functioning website that is easy-to-use for visitors and easy-to-update for administrators. We’ll provide all the training required to make your updates easy and quick. 

We Support
By hosting your website, if you choose, and backing up your information to our servers. We’ll monitor the site weekly for updates and bugs.  

To illustrate our design, we've developed a few examples for you. We’ve also laid out a tour style explanation as to why we chose what we did for the customizable platform.

See our Wordpress example:

​See our Drupal example:

Interested in the simple choice? Contact us at (517) 853-8877 or

Contracted services

  • Drupal*
  • Wordpress*
    *hosting available

Site examples

How to use this contract

Ciesa Design is one of six web design and development suppliers that may be used by all MSU departments. The suppliers were selected through a competitive bid process and it is not necessary to bid your project again. However, it may be appropriate to bid projects of significant value. If you would like to conduct a formal bid, please contact the contract manager.

To begin work:

  1. Initiate a requisition in the Kuali Finance System (KFS) for any dollar amount.
  2. Attach the quote(s) provided from the supplier in the notes and attachments section of the requisition.
  3. Once the requisition is approved by your fiscal officer, the purchase order will be issued to the supplier—typically within one to three business days.


For a rate sheet, please contact the contract manager or request an estimate/quote from the supplier.

Contract term

Contracts will be approximately three to five years in length, beginning summer 2016.

Commodities:Web Design and Development

Contact Information

Ciesa Design
Trevor Mackley
(517) 853-8877

Michigan State University
Contract Manager
Susan House
(517) 884-6165