Casper Corp-Spacesaver

About this contract

Michigan State University has established a strategic contract relationship with Casper Corporation to provide Spacesaver, MultiSort/Hamilton Sorter, GBS/Barkley, Buckstaff/Library Bureau, Schwab, Russ Bassett products through dealership Casper Corp. Dealership services include product options, estimating, space planning, project oversight and installation services.

How to use this contract

A Pcard may be used to place orders under $2,500. Larger dollar orders may by placed through the purchase order process in the Finance System.

Commodities:Furniture, Furnishings, Flooring

Contact Information

Casper Corporation
Customer Service
Stuart LoweP: (517) 321-4697, ext. 16
C: (517) 202-1231
F: (888) 469-0779

Michigan State University
Contract Administrator
Lauren Jared
(517) 884-6173