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In the words of Beacon:

Beacon is a recognized leader in Cascade CMS development, web design & analytics for Colleges & Universities.  Its full-service “Brains, Beauty & Brawn” approach consistently delivers websites that truly engage and support the needs of the students, parents, alumni and faculty that use them.  As a Cascade CMS Development Partner since 2006, you get a design and development team that fully understands the product and how to make sure our clients benefit from all of its features.

As one of the first Certified Google Analytics Partners in the country, Beacon ensures that you command the full power of GA for your Higher Ed decision-making.  You also benefit from all of our staff being under one roof, collaborating on strategy, marketing and technology, to further ensure that your website is audience-focused, on-brand and easy-to-use.

Since 1998, Beacon has helped over 600 organizations in 42 states and 5 countries market smarter through the collision of creative ideas and powerful web technology.  Whether it's through website development, digital marketing services or web hosting, Beacon's approach has built trusted relationships and competitive advantages for its clients.  The company has delivered over 50 higher education websites, created 100+ Cascade CMS websites and completed 350+ Google Analytics installations.

Learn more about Beacon, its passionate, creative, technical team, and their higher education web services.

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How to use this contract

Beacon Technologies is one of six web design and development suppliers that may be used by all MSU departments. The suppliers were selected through a competitive bid process and it is not necessary to bid your project again. However, it may be appropriate to bid projects of significant value. If you would like to conduct a formal bid, please contact the contract manager.

To begin work:

  1. Initiate a requisition in the Kuali Finance System (KFS) for any dollar amount.
  2. Attach the quote(s) provided from the supplier in the notes and attachments section of the requisition.
  3. Once the requisition is approved by your fiscal officer, the purchase order will be issued to the supplier—typically within one to three business days.


For a rate sheet, please contact the contract manager or request an estimate/quote from the supplier.

Contract term

Contracts will be approximately three to five years in length, beginning summer 2016.

Commodities:Web Design and Development

Contact Information

Beacon Technologies
Emily Ledbetter(336) 232-5695

Michigan State University
Contract Manager
Susan House
(517) 884-6165