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Please call Purchasing at (517) 355-0357 for assistance with this contract.

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Services for MSU business use:

MSU departments interested in cell phones, smart phones, cellular data modems, field force mapping, mobile forms, vehicle GPS, radio dispatch, mobile device security, mobile messaging/notification, and Smart Campus Internet of Things (IoT) please contact the AT&T representative.

Services for personal use:

To take advantage of the AT&T cellular discount for MSU employees, please select this link:

An MSU Pcard must be used to pay for departmental monthly service charges that are regularly used exclusively for business purposes, per MBP Section 78. Mixed-use (both business and personal use) devices and service contracts are to be employee-owned.

See MBP Section 79 for expense guidelines related to mixed-use devices and service.

Commodities:Cellular Phones

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