Purchase Orders

Purchase orders (POs) are a form of contract for goods or services that commits the supplier and university to a buying transaction. POs are one of the primary buying methods at MSU and are appropriate for goods, equipment, and services not available through the University Stores, strategic contracts, Open Orders, or by using the Pcard. 

Early involvement of the Purchasing staff is encouraged when an external purchase is required—particularly for larger and more complex transactions. Earlier contact will provide better results. 

Depending on its nature, Purchasing may be required to competitively bid the purchase, or to obtain a sole or single source justification. Additional supplier information may be necessary to meet regulatory requirements.

Finance System

The Purchase order process is initiated by an end user via a requisition in the Finance System. Training is required to initiate requisitions.

Activities within the Finance System include

  • initiation and completion of the competitive bid process
  • communication with the buyer via notes and attachments
  • attachment of required documentation
  • identification and recording of capital assets upon completion of payment
  • automatic routing of requisitions to Purchasing