The Pcard is one of three primary ways to buy at MSU.

Change to Pcard Receipt Policy

Effective September 1, 2019, receipts for Pcard purchases must now be scanned and attached to the corresponding eDoc in KFS. All associated approvals (cardholder and fiscal officer) are to take place in KFS.

This policy applies to all PCDO eDocs. Receipts must be

  • scanned and attached to the Notes and Attachments tab of the eDoc
  • itemized and legible

A business purpose must be indicated either on the receipt, the description line, or in the Notes and Attachments tab. A business purpose means a clear explanation of how/why the item or service will be used or was needed.


Receipts that have descriptions such as “miscellaneous parts” or a model number without a description, etc. are not acceptable. Together, the itemized receipt and the business purpose should provide a complete explanation of the purchase.

If you have questions, please email the Purchasing Card Team or call (517) 884-6080


The Purchasing Card (Pcard) Mastercard® credit card program delegates purchasing authority and capability to MSU staff. It does not tie to or affect your personal credit in any way. The Pcard, a MasterCard® issued by Bank of America, eliminates the need for small-dollar requisitions, direct payment vouchers, reimbursement vouchers, and petty cash funds and is convenient for items such as conference registrations and subscriptions. Using the Pcard provides quicker turn around time, greater flexibility, and reduced paperwork on orders.

Card applications may be filled out in the Finance System. Upon completion, you will need to attend an orientation class. Financial transactions are processed in the Finance System.

Details about using a Pcard

Questions? Contact the Purchasing Card Team at (517) 884-6080.