Extra Tips


  • Pcard transactions are routed daily to the cardholder’s action list for approval and reallocation; cardholder has full edit capability.

  • Cardholder has 14 business days to approve e-Doc; after 14 days it will auto-approve and route to Fiscal Officer’s action list. When attaching receipts the cardholder should number the receipts to correlate them to match the transactions numbers in the e-Doc. This will make the e-doc easier to reconcile.

  • A Fiscal Officer has 45 days from the KFS creation date of the e-Doc to edit the accounting lines (if applicable), object code, and approve the e-doc. After 45 days the e-doc will auto-approve to the default account and object code. (All Pcard e-docs default to the generic Pcard object code “6559” —the FO is expected to apply the correct object code prior to approving the e-Doc.)


  • Purchasing recommends you scan and attach receipts for each transaction into the e-Doc, making sure to number the receipts to correlate to the transaction number in the e-Doc for auditing purposes. Receipts can be added by the cardholder, Fiscal Officer, or anyone who is a Financial Document Preparer. If receipts are not attached, and the cardholders and Fiscal Officers are not approving e-docs, the paper reconciliation process must be followed for audit purposes.

  • All approvers should review each receipt for appropriateness of the transaction as well as the accounting lines(s). Fiscal Officers should be verifying, as they approve the e-docs, that the same receipts are not reimbursed on a Disbursement Voucher (DV).

  • Your unit should determine a written process, BY CARDHOLDER, for reconciliation of their transactions and follow it consistently, i.e., cardholder will either attach receipts to the e-Doc and approve transactions in the Finance System or attach the receipts to a hard copy of the Purchasing Card Statement (FIN018) and obtain required signatures. This written process should be available upon request from Internal Audit and/or the Pcard Team.

Processes and Procedures

  • Units are to review cardholder statements semi-annually to ensure university policies are being followed.

  • New card requests and card edits will be processed via the Procurement Maintenance Document (PCMD) which will be accessed through a link on the EBS main menu.This process allows us to use workflow for approvals and units can more easily maintain Pcard information.

  • For additional information, view the Pcard Maintenance (PCMD) PDF and Pcard Transaction Overview (PCDO) PDF documents. Please contact EBS (517-884-3000) with questions.

  • For instruction on changing Pcard information, view our PDF tutorial.