Licensed Products

Trademark Use

Any person, business or organization with an interest in marketing products bearing the trademarks of Michigan State University needs to first obtain a license through CLC (Collegiate Licensing Company). There are three forms of licenses available with MSU through CLC, a standard license, a local license, and an internal campus supplier license. These different forms of licenses are dependent upon the type of product and how it is manufactured. Please visit the MSU Licensing website for details on how to apply and the applicable fees involved.  

Campus Use: Find a Licensee

Only officially licensed manufacturers with Michigan State University may reproduce items bearing the university name, logo(s) and other trademarks and indicia. This applies to T-shirts and other merchandise made for on-campus use (for use by university departments and campus/student organizations) and for third parties. Licensed manufacturers have been vetted for product quality and carry required product liability insurance. In addition, all licensees are required to comply with fair labor codes.

To find a vendor that is officially licensed on campus, visit the Find a Licensee page on the MSU Licensing website.