How to Place an Open Order

Non-stocked Items

If University Stores does not stock the item you need, you may place an Open Order with a select group of suppliers.

To Place an Order

Obtain a release number from Open Orders via the EBS portal. Provide:

  • account number(s)
  • price
  • quantity
  • description
  • name of the person ordering
  • contact telephone number
  • campus location
  • supplier's name
  • The release number allows you to place the order with local suppliers. You may pick up your items or have the supplier deliver the order to your department or to University Stores.
  • Open Orders will place orders with out-of-town suppliers. 

Return packing slips to University Stores, Angell Building, 166 Service Rd., Attn: Open Orders. The release number must appear on the packing slip.

Payment to suppliers is handled by Purchasing. Invoices received by departments must be forwarded to Open Orders, Angell Building, 166 Service Rd. Open Orders charges department accounts through the Finance System. The charge is processed when the invoice is received and proof of delivery is obtained as evidenced by a packing slip or a University Stores delivery slip. Monthly statements are available on Doc Viewer. Payment approvals are forwarded to Accounts Payable.

Open Order Restrictions

  • Single release cannot exceed $2500 or $4999 for certain strategic suppliers (call for exceptions)
  • Rentals
  • Phone cards
  • Alcohol
  • Personal items

Digilink requires a release number on an Open Order form before merchandise may be purchased. The MSU Police Fire Marshal must approve fire extinguisher purchases. All correspondence must reference the release number. Deliveries are not made to campus until a release number is issued.

Dry Ice

Dry ice is handled as a standing order. It is available in a 50 lb. block, a sliced block, or a 50 lb. bag of pellets.

Before deliveries start, the department must have a dry ice storage container available. To stop deliveries, a written cancellation notice is required at least three (3) business days before your last required delivery.

Damage and Returns

Report damaged shipments or shortages immediately by calling (517) 884-6203. For damaged goods, retain the original shipping container until the claim is resolved.

For returns or exchanges, a Material Return form must be completed and sent to Open Orders before arrangements for a pick-up can be made.

Departments can handle the return of local shipments with a value of less than $50. Forward credit memos or return slips to University Stores Open Orders. Include the release number from the original transaction to ensure credit is applied to your account.