Web Design and Development Contracts


Purchasing partnered with University Communications, IT Accessibility, and IT Strategy & Innovation to competitively bid web design and development services. After soliciting and reviewing numerous proposals, strategic contracts have been established with six suppliers. The intent is to elevate the quality of MSU websites, streamline the purchasing process, and advance the university’s image through digital media.

MSU has experienced an increase in web development demand due to the university’s updated Web Accessibility Policy and the finalization of each MAU’s Five Year Plans. This demand is expected to continue for the duration of the plans, most of which began on or before July 1, 2016.

Selection Process

The contracted suppliers have been vetted to provide the highest level of expertise in web design and development. Departments are strongly encouraged to contact one or more of the suppliers for project assistance. To request an exception, please contact the contract manager as early in the process as possible.

Contracted Suppliers


How to use the contracts

The contracted suppliers may be used by all MSU departments. Though it is not necessary to go through a formal bidding process, it may be appropriate to bid projects of significant value. If you would like to conduct a formal bid, please contact the contract manager.

University Communications also has in-house web design and development services available for strategic websites. Additional information is available on their website.

To begin work with one of the contracted suppliers:

  1. Initiate a requisition in the Kuali Finance System (KFS) for any dollar amount.
  2. Attach the quote(s) provided from the supplier in the notes and attachments section of the requisition.
  3. Once the requisition is approved by your fiscal officer, the purchase order will be issued to the supplier—typically within one to three business days.


For a rate sheet, please contact the contract manager or request a quote from the supplier.

Contract Term

Contracts will be approximately three to five years in length, beginning summer 2016.

Contact Purchasing with questions
(517) 355-0357