Using Your PCard

PCard Manual
The PCard is to be used for purchases up to or equal to $2,500—and purchase restrictions apply (i.e. personal use, travel, radioactive material, etc.). Procedures, guidelines, processes and other PCard information is available in the PCard Manual.

How to change PCard information PDF  
To change an MSU account number, increase a monthly spending limit, or update a PCardholder address, a Procurement Card Maintenance Document (PMCD) must be processed through the Finance System. 

How to cancel a PCard PDF
Prior to leaving the university, the cardholder (or Fiscal Officer, if necessary) is required to notify the PCard Team by processing a Procurement Card Maintenance Document (PCMD) in the Finance System. 

If a card needs to be canceled immediately, contact the MSU PCard Team at (517) 884-6080 and follow up by changing the information in the Finance System.

PCard Transaction Log 
Cardholders are responsible for obtaining itemized receipts for all PCard transactions—and some departments require extensive expenditure reviews. Keeping a log of purchasing activity is helpful in reconciling your transactional e-Docs.

Statement of Disputed Item Form 
There is a 60-day period in which you can file disputes with the bank. Questioned transactions should be discussed first with the merchant, and should be referred to the bank only after attempts to resolve the matter with the merchant have failed. The bank will require you to fill out and fax or mail a Statement of Disputed Item Form along with any supporting documentation.