FDA Bans Use of Powdered Gloves

Nov 07 2019

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has determined that powdered surgeon’s gloves, powdered patient examination gloves, and absorbable powder for lubricating a surgeon’s glove present a reasonable and substantial risk of illness or injury that cannot be corrected or eliminated by labeling or change in labeling.  Therefore, the FDA has banned their use effective January 18, 2017. 

Michigan State University will abide by this ban, and prohibit the use of powdered gloves in health care, animal care, food service, custodial service and research facilities effective today.

Exposure to starch powder from gloves can cause undesirable reactions, which vary from well-known allergy symptoms and upper respiratory-tract disorders to surgical adhesions and infections.

The presence of glove powder can also result in many other undesirable effects, such as interference in laboratory testing causing false results (i.e. PCR – Polymerase Chain Reaction, enzyme immunoassay or some HIV tests)

Powdered gloves will no longer be available for purchase through Spartan Marketplace; units/divisions are asked not to purchase powdered gloves from outside suppliers. FDA disposal requirements prevent University Stores from accepting powdered gloves for return or credit.

Units/divisions can request disposal of unused powdered gloves via an EHS hazardous waste pick up request: http://www.oeos.msu.edu/chem-waste/new.htm.  Use waste code 3855 on your request where indicated.

If you have further questions or need additional guidance, please call the MSU Office of Environmental Health and Safety at 517-355-0153.