Charges Available in SPB Document

Nov 07 2019


Effective October 21, 2016, University Services charges will be available in the Service Provider Billing (SPB) document in the Kuali Financial System (KFS). These charges include:

Origin Code 46: UnivServices (Formerly called STORES)

Gas Cylinder Rental                                      
Lease Purchase
Open Orders
Print Procurement
Shipping and Receiving

Origin Code 44: MailServices (Formerly called POSTAGE)
Mail Services

Charges will continue to be available through the  University Services website, but the SPB document—which is also currently used for IPF and Telecomm charges—allows Fiscal Officers five calendar days to review charges that previously posted directly to the ledger. Fiscal Officers (and account delegates) will see these documents in their action list for University Services charges.
When University Services submits monthly charges, a Service Provider Billing (SPB) document will be created for each account number in the billing. These documents will route to the Fiscal Officer to provide an opportunity for optional addition and modification of certain transaction data (specific actions are detailed below) and approval. The Fiscal Officer will have five calendar days to take action before documents  automatically approve and post to the ledger.

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