Placing Orders from Besco

Jan 24 2020


As part of the continued transition to phase out Open Orders, Purchasing will be deactivating Besco from the system effective Wednesday, November 16, 2016.

At that time, MSU purchases from Besco will need to be made using a Pcard.

To convert your account to a Pcard, please call Besco at (800) 964-0257. They will need the following information:

• Account number (located on delivery slips)
• Pcard number and security code
• Contact name (first and last)
• Contact phone number (format as xxx-xxx-xxxx)
• Contact e-mail
• Contact address (official street address, building name, city, state, and ZIP Code )

Please direct questions to Pam Lamond in Purchasing at or 884-6210.

We appreciate your assistance and hope you find the new process convenient.