New MSU Bulk Mail Permit

Nov 07 2019

Mail Services

In response to declining mail volume, the US Postal Service (USPS) has accelerated the pace of its "network rationalization" plant consolidations. As a result, Mail Services is closing Mail Permit #21 at the East Lansing Post Office. The last day you will be able to use this permit number is December 1, 2015.

Available now, MSU has a new Permit #249 and a Company Permit (for First Class Presorted or Nonprofit) which may be used on mailings entered at the Collins Road Post Office in Lansing. From a branding perspective, the Company Permit provides a cleaner presentation. To meet USPS requirements as outlined in the Domestic Mail Manual, use of the Company Permit requires an actual sample mail piece(s) to be submitted to Mail Services.

Preapproval by Mail Services of all bulk mailings is required. Suppliers will need to submit for review:

  • NCOA certificate
  • sample of the mail piece (including indicia) and
  • postage statement
Mail Services no longer requires the mailing list as part of the submission.
Questions may be directed to Vicki Pulido, Mail Services Supervisor, at (517) 884-6220 or