Contractor Background Checks

Nov 07 2019


The Office of the President has issued a policy regarding MSU Contractor Criminal Background Check Requirements. The policy requires that contractors retain certification of specific background checks performed on their employees when the following circumstances apply:

A. Direct delivery vendors and equipment service providers that work in or have access to any campus residential facility or any facility that is regularly used by children.

B. Contractors working on construction projects in occupied campus residential facilities.

C. Contractors who maintain a regular presence on campus and whose duties require them to work in campus residential facilities; handle cash, credit cards, or other sensitive financial information; or have access to MSU IT networks or computer systems other than the MSU Guest Wireless system or an MSU email account.

The Manual of Business Procedures, Section 270, has been updated to include this policy. You can view the full policy on our website.

No action is required on the part of campus departments—Purchasing will provide the appropriate language and guidance to the supplier. If you have questions about this policy or its implementation, please contact Purchasing at 355-0357.