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Capital Asset Management oversees the university’s movable capital equipment and tracks it from the date of acquisition to the date of disposal. A physical inventory of assets is conducted annually.

Federal guidelines and MSU policy requires that CAM maintain and track all equipment over $5,000.

Conduct Inventory

Annual campuswide physical inventories are coordinated by CAM.

Transfer Assets

Transfer Assets
Transfer assets to another unit or to the MSU Surplus Store.

Retire Assets

Retire Assets
Retire lost, destroyed, cannabalized, or transferred equipment.


Sep 01

Cost Savings and Avoidance Goal Exceeded

Last fiscal year, University Services saved MSU twelve million dollars through cost savings and avoidance, exceeding our goal of eleven million dollars. Savings are garnered through Purchasing, Accounts Payable, and University Stores activities, and use of the MSU mail permit.
Aug 22

August Gas Cylinder Rental Billing

Yesterday, University Services sent an incorrect August billing file (for July gas rental charges). A credit will be issued tonight and a new file will be submitted and processed in KFS within the next two business days. The credit description will read “Credit: August 2017 Gas Rental” and the new file will read “Correction: August 2017 Gas Rental.” Our apologies for any confusion this may have caused.
Jul 19

Pcard Renewal Information

The Pcard team is in the process of sending replacement Pcards to fiscal officers, who will distribute them to cardholders. Current Pcards are valid through July 31, 2017. Click the title answers to frequently asked Pcard renewal questions.
Jul 07

Campus Survey Results

In spring 2017, University Services conducted a campuswide Customer Experience Survey through the Office of Survey Research. Its purpose was to compare results to the 2014 survey in which we measured the satisfaction of our services and interactions with our staff. Click the title for more information and to see the reports.
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