Track Assets

Our Role

Capital Asset Management is responsible for tracking the equipment obtained by the university from the date of acquisition to the date of disposal. We obtain all information relating to each piece of equipment (i.e., serial number, model number, cost, location, etc.), assign a unique identification number, and retain associated equipment records for audit and internal tracking. We coordinate the university’s annual physical inventory and federal property control reviews.

Capital assets are acquired through the purchasing process in the Finance System. Once the item has been categorized as a capital asset and the PO transaction is complete, we can track the asset for its entire life cycle at the university.

You can track and maintain both capital and non-capital assets, equipment maintenance, warranty, and service history information online.


Federal guidelines and MSU policy requires that CAM maintain and track all equipment over $5,000. If you wish to maintain and track your own equipment you may do so. However, the official source of equipment information resides in CAM.

Assets that are loaned to the university by government agencies are considered government-owned equipment and are identified as such on the Consignment Gift form. Government-owned equipment requires a "Property of U.S. Government" label.

More Information

  • Ownership of an asset is identified by the object code used on the asset.
  • The “Edit Asset” e-doc is used to update asset information.
  • The "Asset Retirement Global" e-doc is used to record a trade-in, loss, discard, cannibalization or destruction of an asset.
  • Use the "Asset Transfer" e-doc to transfer an asset to another department or to the MSU Surplus Store for sale or disposal.