Desktop Shipping

UPS and FedEx

UPS Complete View Shipping (CVS) and FedEx provide desktop solutions and offer pickup service of expedited shipments. To request system access and a user ID, please call (517) 884-6196. Payments are made using a Pcard. Hazardous materials may not be shipped via this method.

When shipping your own packages, you are responsible for

  • proper packing, marking, weighing, and addressing
  • complete and accurate documentation and customs requirements
  • referencing shipment to an internal university account

Shipping Supplies

To obtain shipping supplies for desktop shipments, contact:

  • FedEx Customer Service or call (800) 463-3339 and say "supplies" or press 4
  • UPS Preferred Customer Service Group, (800) 377-4877

Using a Pcard for Shipping Transactions

UPS CVS customers must use the Pcard to complete a shipping transaction. All transaction detail is maintained by you, and supporting documentation provided by the card merchant. Customers that have registered their FedEx account with FedEx Billing Online will pay for charges online using a Pcard. Watch the demo on Billing Online for more information. Note that prior to using FedEx Ship Manager or FedEx Billing Online Plus, you must complete the FedEx Ship Manager Sign Up Form and the FedEx Billing Online Plus Sign Up Form

Use a Pcard to pay for shipping transactions and avoid a 10% administrative markup.