Purchasing Teams

To best manage contracts and services, Purchasing staff is divided into several teams. Any staff member within a team can assist you.

Strategic Contracts Team

Melinda Phillips Supervisor, Strategic Contracts Manager 884-6168
Tanmay Desai Contract Administrator II 884-6175
Amanda Lillywhite Senior Purchasing Agent 884-6162
Erin Livingston Analyst II 884-6192
Cherie Mathews Analyst III 884-6242

Facilities, Athletics, Contract Services Team

Jason Bates Supervisor, Senior Purchasing Agent
Erin Lynch Purchasing Agent 884-6160
Lauren Jared Senior Buyer 884-6173
Josh Pryor Buyer 884-6171
Jan Wallace Purchasing Expediter II 884-6172

Open Orders

Melinda Phillips Supervisor, Strategic Contracts Manager 884-6168
Pam Sapila Purchasing Expediter II 884-6210


Denise O'Brien Supervisor, Senior Purchasing Agent 884-6158
Wendy Anderson Administrative Assistant 884-6138

Purchasing Office Staff

Doug Glaser Assistant Director, Purchasing 884-6166
Danielle Griffin Receptionist 884-6183
Cindy McCormick Secretary III 884-6156

Scientific, Medical, Information Technology Team

Matt Gosselin Supervisor, Senior Purchasing Agent 884-6174
Janice Croswhite Senior Purchasing Agent 432-7255
Jennifer Gilbert Buyer 884-6161
Kristin Good Purchasing Agent 884-6140
Rick Hopkins Senior Buyer 884-6157
Susan House Senior Buyer 884-6165
Janet Reynolds Purchasing Expeditor II 884-6144
Brian Szpont Buyer 884-6187
Christina Wyrick Senior Buyer 884-6164

Vendor Maintenance

Melinda Phillips Supervisor, Strategic Contracts Manager 884-6168
Julie Shafer Purchasing Expediter II, Vendor Maintenance 884-6163