Clearing Purchase Order FYIs in Action List

Mar 29

Effective March 29, 2017, users will be able to clear FYIs on purchase order documents directly from their action list without opening them. Click the title for more information.

Join our Listserv

Mar 10

MSU staff and faculty are invited to opt in to our listserv. Examples of message content includes UPS and FedEx service delays, Spartan Marketplace news, and changes in purchasing processes. Click the headline to locate the signup form.

Purchasing Requisitions Class

Mar 08

Processing Purchasing Requisitions: Thursday, March 23, 1:30 - 3:30 p.m., Ste. 10, Nisbet Building. Click title for more info.

International Shipping Workshop

Feb 10

University Services Logistics, in partnership with FedEx, is hosting an International Shipping Workshop: Wednesday, March 8, 2017, 9:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m., Angell Building Conference Room, 166 Service Rd. RSVP required. Click title for more information.

University Services Customer Experience Survey

Jan 31

On February 9, 2017, MSU faculty and staff will receive an emailed link to a short University Services survey. The purpose of the survey is to gauge the MSU community’s use and satisfaction of our services. Though participation is voluntary, we hope you will take some time—10 minutes or so—to assess our strengths and identify areas for improvement. Thank you!

FDA Bans Use of Powdered Gloves

Jan 19

Powdered gloves in human, animal, and research facilities are not permitted at MSU owned or affiliated facilities as of January 18, 2017. FDA disposal requirements prevent University Stores from accepting powdered gloves for return or credit. Click title for more information.

Seneca Medical Now Concordance Healthcare Solutions

Dec 16

Please note Seneca Medical has changed its name to Concordance Healthcare Solutions. Orders for medical and surgical products from this supplier may continue to be placed through Open Orders. Frequently ordered items are also carried by University Stores.

Gifts for the Spartans on Your List

Dec 06

Visit to find a variety of unique items—such as MSU ornaments, honey from Entomology, and merchandise from several MSU colleges. Proceeds from sales benefit scholarships, programs, and departments.

Approved Personal Heaters Available in Spartan Marketplace

Nov 08

Campus policies prevent the use of portable space heaters on campus. However, if you continue to experience temperature discomfort after contacting IPF, you can purchase low-wattage personal heaters to increase comfort in spaces that meet university temperature guidelines. The approved heaters are available in Spartan Marketplace. Click the title for more information

Exporting Student Materials to Iran

Nov 02

Exports of work visa or other paper-based student recruitment or admissions materials to Iran require specific documentation. Please contact Logistics at 884-6203 for assistance with exports of this nature.

SPB Processing Delay Resolved

Oct 26

University Services is aware of some delays in processing initial SPB billings. Processing has now occurred successfully. Also, sub object codes were mistakenly removed. That issue will be fixed before next month's run. Click the headline for more information about the SPB doc.

Expedited Supplier Payments for Pick Up

Oct 21

Accounts Payable requests that for expedited supplier payments that are being picked up, “Hold” is included in the subject line of the emailed invoice.

Charges Available in SPB Document

Oct 17

Effective October 21, 2016, University Services charges—including gas cylinder rental, lease purchase, open orders, print procurement, and shipping—will be available in the SPB document in KFS.

Hurricane Matthew Service Alert

Oct 11

Please be aware that some post offices—particularly in Florida, Georgia, South and North Carolina are experiencing service interruptions due to Hurricane Matthew.

Placing Orders from Besco

Oct 10

As part of the continued transition to phase out Open Orders, Purchasing will be deactivating Besco from the system effective Wednesday, November 16, 2016. At that time, MSU purchases from Besco will need to be made using a Pcard.

Shipping and Receiving Hours

Oct 04

Shipping and Receiving is located at 166 Service Rd., East Lansing. Deliveries are accepted Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m.-11:45 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.-3:45 p.m.

Lansing Sanitary Supply Now in Spartan Marketplace

Sep 27

Lansing Sanitary Supply has been added as a supplier in Spartan Marketplace. Please visit Spartan Marketplace to take advantage of MSU contracted pricing prior to using a Pcard or submitting a requisition.

New Web Design and Development Contracts

Sep 14

Contracts have been established with six suppliers who can provide the highest level of expertise in web design and development. Click the headline for more information.

Kendall Electric Now in Spartan Marketplace

Sep 06

Kendall Electric has been added as a supplier in Spartan Marketplace. Please visit Spartan Marketplace to take advantage of MSU contracted pricing prior to using a Pcard or submitting a requisition.

Electronic IT Purchase Reviews

Jul 25

Purchasing is now facilitating technology accessibility and security reviews on behalf of MSU IT in order to minimize security and data risks and maintain accessibility compliance. The reviews are part of the purchasing process for both new products and renewals.

Canada Post Announces Possible Labor Disruption

Jun 22

Mail Services is preparing for a possible service disruption as the Canada Post contract talks continue. The Canada Post and Canadian Union of Postal Workers have been in contract negotiations since late 2015 to reach a new agreement for about 50,000 workers.

Pcard Auto-Approve Days Changing

Jun 21

Beginning July 1, 2016, cardholders will have 14 days to approve their Pcard eDocs, after which the document will auto-approve. Fiscal officers will have 31 days—down from 38 days— to approve eDocs before they auto-approve. The existing PCDO cycle time of 45 days will remain the same.

Catalog Change in Spartan Marketplace

Jun 02

As part of the Office Depot/Office Max merger, Spartan Marketplace has transitioned from using the OfficeMax catalog to the Office Depot catalog.

Save 25% on MSU Flags

Jun 01

Visit to save 25% on MSU flags! Type code FLAG25 in the coupon box at checkout. Valid through August 31, 2016.

Capital Asset Management Year-End Reminders

May 24

No asset merges, separates, transfers, or retirements should be processed between June 30 and July 31. Asset retirement e-Docs must be in "final" status by June 30. Click title to see more.

MSU Goes Tobacco-Free August 15, 2016

May 12

Attention MSU suppliers: Michigan State University’s Board of Trustees approved a tobacco-free ordinance in 2015, a move that will go into effect August 15, 2016, as part of an ongoing effort to ensure the MSU community enjoys a healthy campus.

University Stores Closed May 12 for Inventory

May 09

Please note that the University Stores Service Counter will be closed on Thursday, May 12, for inventory. Orders may still be placed online on May 12 but will not be processed until inventory is completed. The Service Counter will re-open on Friday, May 13, at 7:30 a.m.

Notice of Supplier Deactivation

May 05

As part of the continued transition to phase out Open Orders, Purchasing is deactivating Airgas, Alro Steel, Michigan Supply, Sherwin Williams, Epson, Hasselbring Clark, and Young Supply from the system on Monday, May 16, 2016.

Mail News: Customs Forms, Postage Decrease

May 03

Effective June 3, 2016, pre-printed hardcopy customs forms will become obsolete. Instead, customers are asked to complete the online customs form, available on the USPS website. Also, did you know there's been a postage decrease? Click the title for more info.

Notification of Invoice Rejections

Apr 28

Effective May 9, 2016, Accounts Payable will be sending notifications to actions lists of both the requestor and the buyer on the purchase order for invoices needing resolution.

Important University Stores Dates

Apr 15

Due to the 6-8 week lead time, orders for office chairs must be placed by April 22, 2016 to be billed this fiscal year. Click title for additional University Stores year-end dates.

Year-End Cut-Off Dates

Mar 29

Year-end procedures have been established and are available on the Controllers Office Website.

Notice of Supplier Deactivation

Mar 25

As part of the continued transition to phase out Open Orders, Purchasing is deactivating several suppliers from the system on Monday, March 28, 2016. Click the title for more information.

Purchasing Requisitions Class

Mar 14

Processing Purchasing Requisitions: Wednesday, March 30, 9 a.m. - noon, Ste. 10, Nisbet Building. Click title for more info.

Webinar Recording Available

Feb 26

Our recorded webinar walks MSU campus users through placing orders in Spartan Marketplace. Click the title for more information.

Service Delays Possible Today

Feb 25

Due to weather conditions, delivery delays are possible today. Updates will be provided as they become available.

Spartan Marketplace Webinar

Feb 10

Register for a Spartan Marketplace Overview webinar, February 24 from 2:00-3:00 p.m. Click the news headline for registration info.

Phase Two Launches January 18, 2016

Jan 11

MSU employees who are part of the Phase Two Spartan Marketplace rollout will have access within EBS on January 18, 2016. Phase Three launches February 8, 2016.

Cylinder Gas Fees

Jan 06

Cylinder rental fees for liquid gas have increased to $1.33 per day, effective with the January billing cycle.

Phase Two Launches January 18, 2016

Dec 21

MSU employees who are part of the Phase Two Spartan Marketplace rollout will have access within EBS on January 18, 2016. Phase Three launches February 8, 2016.

FedEx Charges on General Ledger

Dec 09

This month, Central Shipping began transitioning some FedEx Ground shipments to Mail Services for processing. This affects how those charges display on the General Ledger. Charges starting with the description “MAIL FEDEX:” have been processed by Mail Services.

Important Delivery Address Info

Dec 04

As you're placing University Stores orders, please review your delivery address carefully, prior to submitting your order. In some instances, old profile addresses are populating the delivery address field. This issue is not affecting Spartan Marketplace orders.

UPS Personal Packages

Nov 19

As the holidays approach, Logistics respectfully requests that you refrain from sending personal packages to your office address.

Access Available to Employees in Phase One

Nov 09

MSU employees who are part of the Phase One Spartan Marketplace rollout now have access within EBS. Phase Two will launch January 18 and Phase Three on February 8, 2016.

Inventory Forms Due December 1

Nov 06

Reminder: Departments conducting an equipment inventory must submit the Annual Equipment Inventory Certification form by December 1, 2015

Important Info: Open Orders Suppliers

Oct 16

With the rollout of Spartan Marketplace, Open Orders will eventually be phased out. Open Orders suppliers will migrate to one of three buying channels—Spartan Marketplace, requisitions, or Pcard. The first set of low-use suppliers has been notified they will be deactivated from Open Orders by October 30.

Training Sessions Scheduled

Oct 13

University Services is hosting informational sessions for Spartan Marketplace—MSU's new e-procurement solution. Next up: October 22, 300 Human Ecology, 8:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.

Clinical Center Town Hall Training

Oct 07

Join us Monday, October 12, in A219 Clinical Center, 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. and learn how to use Spartan Marketplace—MSU's new e-procurement solution.

Mail Services to Use IMpb

Oct 05

Effective October 12, 2015, Mail Services will process qualifying outgoing MSU packages using an Intelligent Mail package barcode (IMpb). The barcode contains detailed shipping information and data that can expedite package delivery and reduce costs on packages being shipped via USPS Priority Mail.

Campus Rollout Schedule

Sep 28

A three-phased Spartan Marketplace rollout is scheduled from November 2015 to February 2016. Employees will be granted access within EBS based on the parent Org code associated with their MSU NetID.

New MSU Bulk Mail Permit

Sep 22

Mail Services is closing Mail Permit #21 at the East Lansing Post Office. The last day this permit can be used is December 1, 2015. A new MSU has a new Permit #249 and a Company Permit is now available.

Service Request Security Upgrade

Sep 16

As a necessary security measure, access to the Service Request will be restricted to devices and workstations with an MSU assigned network address, effective September 21, 2015.

Upcoming Class

Sep 09

Processing Purchasing Requisitions: Tuesday, October 13

Coming Fall 2015

Jul 31

Spartan Marketplace is an e-procurement solution that will provide the MSU community with a centralized, convenient, cost-effective way to buy items using Purchasing-negotiated contracts.

Pcard Orientation Cancelled

Jul 30

Please note the Thursday, July 30 Pcard Orientation is cancelled. The Pcard Team will notify attendees of the rescheduled date.

Supplier Notice

Jun 29

Rainin Instrument Company has been suspended as an Open Order supplier until further notice.

Contractor Background Checks

Apr 24

A new Criminal Background Check Policy requires MSU contractors and their employees to retain certification when specific circumstances apply.

Odyssey of the Mind Finals at MSU

Apr 06

Logistics anticipates approximately 600 props and Odyssey of the Mind souvenir shipments will be received, sorted, and delivered to the various competition site locations across campus.

Survey Results

Apr 03

Results of the campuswide University Services User Experience Survey are available.

Update Bookmarked Links

Mar 16

To make contact information, forms, and unit content easier to find, we've refreshed our website. Please update any links you have previously bookmarked.

New Conflict of Interest Information

Mar 10

A Conflict of Interest (COI) section was recently added to the vendor record in the Finance System. This section must be completed for all new and existing purchase order (PO) vendors.

Cylinder Rental Fees

Mar 04

Cylinder rental fees have increased, effective with the February billing cycle.

Con-way Freight Sustainability Efforts

Mar 03

Con-way Freight—a strategic contract supplier—is a SmartWay Transport Partner, committed to improve environmental performance of their freight operations.

Invoice Variance

Feb 04

Invoices that vary from the terms of the PO are forwarded to Purchasing for resolution. Specific actions may be necessary before payment can be made.

Prohibited Pcard Purchases

Jan 28

In addition to possible restrictions in a contract or grant, some items are strictly prohibited from being purchased on a Pcard. See the list.

Bulk Mail Entry Requirements

Jan 28

Suppliers must acquire approval for MSU mailings from Mail Services prior to enter at the U.S. Postal Service.

Restocking Fees

Jan 28

Restocking fees may be applicable when returning merchandise to University Stores.