Carrier's Tracking Number
(FedEx, UPS,  Payroll; etc.)

Ref Number Search
(use PO, release or order number without the alpha prefix


Logistics has an electronic tracking system similar to the United Parcel Service (UPS) and FedEx systems. Our drivers capture signatures electronically and use barcode technology for online package tracking.

U-Track streamlines the process for departments by collecting one signature for multiple deliveries. A departmental staff member signs for the number of packages received—not for package content. If departments do not have a staff member available to sign for a delivery, the Logistics driver can scan a barcode instead. The barcode documents package receipt the same as obtaining a signature. If you are interested in the barcode option, contact the driver who provides service to your building.

How to Track

Use the following steps to track items delivered by Logistics. If the search yields no results, your shipment has not been received by Logistics.

Reference Number Search

  1. Enter the reference number (i.e., PO, release, or requisition number) in the Ref Number Search field without an alpha prefix (i.e., 175902)
  2. Click U-Track It!
  3. Locate your order from the list by matching the order reference number to the online Ref Number
  4. Click the Item ID number for your package to review its Item/Asset History and determine the package status

Carriers Tracking Number Search

  1. Enter the carrier's tracking number (i.e., FedEx, UPS, Payroll, etc.) in the Carrier's Tracking Number field and click U-Track It!
  2. Review the Item/Asset History to determine the status of your package.

Payroll Check Tracking Search

Tracking numbers for checks begin with the department's five-digit ID number, followed by a space, and the issue date of the checks (excluding hyphens or slashes, i.e. 46906 010705).  

  1. Enter the tracking number in the Carrier's Tracking Number Field and click U-Track It!
  2. After you enter the tracking number, a page will appear with delivery information
  3. Checks that we did not receive from Payroll will not be available on U-Track. Contact the MSU Payroll Department at 355-5010 to locate missing payroll checks.